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Things to Get Accomplished While Your Office is Closed to the Public

Your office is closed to the public which in turns results in fewer distractions throughout the day. In a role that has mastered the ability to multi-task and handle interruptions like a champion, it might feel like a surreal reality when you have hours of uninterrupted time. But now the question becomes, what do I do with this extra time? What things have I put off that I could refocus on? Well, we’ve come up with some items that you and your team might be able to concentrate on and finally check off your list:

Resident Events - 'Shelter In Place' Ideas

One of the bright spots of living in an apartment community is the ability to really connect with the community and gather, laugh and bond. Given the recent 'Shelter In Place' orders, being within 6 feet of people or having more than 10 people together isn't allowed for the health and safety of the public. This hinders onsite staff's ability to bring people together - no movie nights, no happy hours, not even high fives in the breezeways.

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Tips for Working with Vendors While Social Distancing

During the new Socially Distant era, everyone is finding new and creative ways to get the job done while ensuring we are thinking about the health of all parties involved. Understanding the importance of social distancing, we have some suggestions on how to continue to work with vendors while remaining socially distant...

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