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Retain Residents with these Budget-Friendly Incentives


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Trend Talk: Atlanta Apartments

Apartment demand in the first quarter of 2021 more than doubled the average first quarter demand recorded over the previous 10 years. That figure surprised us (and the experts) given the seasonality of apartment turns. We have always seen fewer apartment turns in the winter months, followed by an uptick in the spring. It intrigued us, so we dug deeper into the data and found that a market we serve, Atlanta, was one that of eight cities with a notable climb in occupied apartments, according to Real Page data. So, we peeled back the onion more to uncover the following three trends.

Five for Friday: Heather Scott Spotlight 

We’re back with a “Five on Friday” to introduce you to Heather Scott (HS), Director, Partner Success, who joined our team near the end of 2020. Bringing tremendous operations and project management expertise to the tableshe leads our Partner Success team, which serves as our customers’ and service professionals’ (pros) primary point of contactWe see both our customers and pros as our partners because we all work hand-in-hand together to achieve the goal of make-ready, made easy. Heather establishes and oversees processes to ensure the team provides seamless, high quality service to our partners throughout the entire processevery time. In this spotlight, she talks about what our customers can expect from us. 

Our Report Card from Service Pros


3 Ways Our Series A Impacts You, the Multifamily Community


New Resident Prep: What Frustrates Apartment Staff?

Yes! You just had yet another new resident sign the dotted line, solidifying your community as their new home. But now starts the stress of getting their promised home in tip-top shape on their promised date. If you dread the turn process – all the steps required to prepare a vacant unit for a new resident – you’re not alone.

Five on Friday: Leadership Spotlight


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