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A Call or Click Away: 3 Time-Saving Approaches for Attracting & Retaining Residents


Oftentimes, challenging times ignite innovation. For apartment communities, the most common step they are taking to prepare for the future is streamlining and automating business processes — in fact, almost half (48%) plan to do so, according to an AppFolio survey. This excites us, as we see so much opportunity for all of you property managers out there to streamline day-to-day activities. How? We’re suggesting three time-saving approaches -- which require just a call or click – that will help you do just that as you work to creatively attract and retain residents.

Stand Out with Safety

Obviously safety is the new normal and has become something that individuals proactively seek out. In fact, in a national (anonymous) survey we conducted, 93% of residents would prefer a new unit be disinfected when they move in and 86% would decide on an apartment that disinfects common areas regularly over a property that doesn’t.

Good news: our Virus Safeguard service is just a call away. With 360° Surface-Spraying technology, trained professionals spray EPA-certified disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria, including coronavirus. It reaches all surfaces and cracks in a 360-degree approach, adheres more effectively to surfaces and stays there longer than spray-and-wipe disinfection methods. Why leverage this technology? Hear it from an expert:

“I would definitely be concerned if an apartment community was not using 360° Surface-Spraying technology either for turns or common areas because the level of manual disinfection that would be required in order for people to feel confident that these spaces are safe, is really very, very high.”

– Dr. Shira Shafir, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, UCLA

You can add the Virus Safeguard service as the last step in the turn or on a regular basis to keep your common areas safe. Either way, it’s just one call away to give your residents peace of mind.

By the way, we’re just one call away for an end-to-end turn too. Our make-ready services are a huge time-saver. From finding the vendors to scheduling to overseeing completion, we can eliminate a ton of frustration for you.

Meet Them Where They Are

A Forbes article asks, “How many renters, especially in younger demographics, use a checkbook — or even have one?”  We’re in a time where many individuals haven’t paid in cash in years. Venmo and Apple Pay make paying all their other bills a cinch. Why would their monthly rent payment be any different? The Forbes author continues with, “Giving renters the option to pay rent on a mobile device instantly drags a huge aspect of property management (the collections process) out of the dark ages and into 2020.” We couldn’t agree more!

The Way to a Resident’s Heart is … Through Their Stomach?

According to an Axios survey in May, the number of people ordering delivery has “steadily increased” during quarantine. Time for the one-call approach: contact DoorDash, Uber Eats or the like and see if you can negotiate a discount for residents. Many residents won’t be comfortable eating out for a while, plus even before the pandemic, a long workday (or week) or rainy weather gave residents the perfect reason to hunker down and order in. One call could make you the all-star “concierge” in a snap.

Regardless of where you and your community currently sit on the manual/automation spectrum, you can easily implement at least one of these ideas. We feel confident you’ll enjoy less frustration and more time for strategic tasks.

Written by Jonathan Kite

Jonathan leads the IT and marketing functions for Rent Ready to ensure our technology platform is constantly adapting to meet customer and Service Pro’s needs. He co-founded Rent Ready after a 6-year tenure at Microsoft working as a technical account manager, operations consultant and program manager. Jonathan holds a Bachelors degree in Communications and Media Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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