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Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitization

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With the recent sensitivity to cleanliness and stopping the spread of COVID-19, many business and establishments are taking the extra steps to protect their staff, and for apartment communities, their residents. While cleaning services are currently used in apartments for move-out cleans and janitorial cleans for office and amenity areas, one might wonder why an extra service for Sanitization Clean is necessary. Below is the breakdown of the types of services:

Janitorial Cleaning

Many communities utilize janitorial services to keep their clubhouse, office areas, and amenities to keep them fresh and clean. This service typically involves the daily removal of trash, weekly vacuuming and sweeping and bi-weekly dusting. Some might even include break room, bathroom, and kitchen cleans. These are great services to help a community stay clean for employees and residents.


This is the process of removing all of the dirt and grime from surfaces using a detergent or soap and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs but removes them and lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. This is the first step to sanitization. If surfaces are cleaned throughly, germs can live under soils and stay hidden from disinfectants.


Utilization of our sanitization services on a regular basis drastically reduces the spread of bacteria and germs, reducing the health risk to those that utilize the space. The disinfectant is an EPA- registered, hospital grade germicide designed to neutralize bacteria and virus strains, such as COVID-19. The product also remains resistant to these bacteria for a matter of days following application, thus preventing and greatly mitigating any spread of bacteria on surface areas that have been treated.

Sanitization cleaning is something that organizations such as hospitals, schools and restaurants have commonly used due to their high foot traffic and need to mitigate the spread of illnesses. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic other industries are now looking for ways to stay healthy and for the multi-family industry, sanitization and healthy living is key.


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Written by Jonathan Kite

Jonathan leads the IT and marketing functions for Rent Ready to ensure our technology platform is constantly adapting to meet customer and Service Pro’s needs. He co-founded Rent Ready after a 6-year tenure at Microsoft working as a technical account manager, operations consultant and program manager. Jonathan holds a Bachelors degree in Communications and Media Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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