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Electrostatic Spraying - What It Is?

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Now that Rent Ready is offering sanitization services and we know the difference between sanitization and move-out cleaning, it might be helpful to explain the sanitization process being used to safeguard onsite staff and residents. To deliver this service safely and efficiently to your community, Rent Ready will employ an electrostatic disinfectant spraying technique to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces.

Electrostatic spraying is a process that employs charged particles to efficiently cover more of those hard to reach areas. Let's take it back to our high school science class for a minute - it works by using positively charged ions attached to atomized particles.

The sprayer uses an uncharged certified disinfectant and before it’s released, a positive charge is applied.  When released, the liquid breaks up into small positively charged particles.  Since opposites attract, those positively charged particles adhere to negatively charged surfaces such as tables, walls and floors.  When this process is used with a disinfectant spray it allows the disinfectant to reach all surfaces for an even distribution of the chemical.


This process is far from new and has been used since the 1940’s in industries that are more sensitive to the spread of germs such as healthcare facilities, schools and the food industry.  It’s not a new process just unknown, yet it’s the perfect way to sanitize every nook and cranny.

Written by Kari Guillette

Kari has a vast knowledge of the multi-family industry after working for her entire career in property management. She worked onsite as a community manager and transitioned to regional managers roles all before she switched to the supplier side. That background gives her intimate knowledge of the struggles of onsite staff that help her better solve for therir needs.

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