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Five for Friday: Heather Scott Spotlight 


We’re back with a “Five on Friday” to introduce you to Heather Scott (HS), Director, Partner Success, who joined our team near the end of 2020. Bringing tremendous operations and project management expertise to the tableshe leads our Partner Success team, which serves as our customers’ and service professionals’ (pros) primary point of contactWe see both our customers and pros as our partners because we all work hand-in-hand together to achieve the goal of make-ready, made easy. Heather establishes and oversees processes to ensure the team provides seamless, high quality service to our partners throughout the entire processevery time. In this spotlight, she talks about what our customers can expect from us. 

Rent Ready (RR): What is Rent Ready’s philosophy on the customer experience? 

HS: Rent Ready’s philosophy on the customer’s experience lives in our tagline “Make Ready Made Easy.” When we’re making decisions on what to do in situations and what tools to build, we ask ourselves, “Is this making the customer's life easier? If the answer is yes, we’re moving in the right direction and if it’s no, we need to rethink our approach. We were founded on the idea of turning a complicated process into an easy process to help customers. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we provide a good experience for every customer that interacts with our services.  

RR: How does Rent Ready ‘obsess’ over the customer? 

HS: We have spent years understanding the pain points that customers have faced onsite while managing their turn process. We’ve taken those pain points, solved them, and will continue to look to our customers to provide feedback as they  and we  evolve.  We have specialty roles on our team that address those pain points. For example, we have Service Quality Managers whose sole job is to certify that we’re providing quality work for all customers. We also assign a dedicated Partner Success Manager to ensure that all our customers needs are met for every turn.  

RR: What should customers expect in their first 30 and 60 days with Rent Ready? 

HS: While every customer relationship is important to us, it’s imperative that new customers truly see the benefit of working with Rent Ready. After we kick off with our onboarding meeting, that’s when the fun begins! We’ll start servicing units as soon as the onsite staff receives keys. We’ll work very closely with onsite staff to confirm expectations are met from the beginning so we can establish a good rhythm of work. We also set up multiple touchpoints to ensure that we’re continuously meeting customers’ needs and can pivot as those needs shift onsite. Ultimately, the first 60 days of working with Rent Ready is establishing the foundation of a longer-term partnership based on each site's specific needs. 

RR: What is your favorite (or most unique) aspect of Rent Ready’s customer experience/approach? 

HS: We recently revamped our onboarding process to make sure we stay true to our goal of providing a great experience for all customers. One of the new pieces added is a 30-day check-in call that I perform for all new clients. I think it’s really important to keep a finger on the pulse, allow ourselves to be open to receiving direct feedback from our customers, and for them to know that they have a voice, we’re listening, and we truly care about their experience. At the end of the call, more often than not, am told how appreciative they are that someone took the time to call – that makes it all worth it!    

RR: Fun fact about yourself: go!  

HS: I am a huge Sci-Fi and Marvel nerd!  

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Written by Heather Scott

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