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Five on Friday: Leadership Spotlight




Welcome to our new series – “Five on Friday” – where we shine the spotlight on some of our very own by asking them five questions. We are firm believers that our business would be nowhere without our all-star team, so we think it’s important that you have an opportunity to get to know who’s steering the ship.

First up, meet co-founder Ryan McMillan (RM). Ryan leads the business development functions throughout the organization to ensure company growth and a seamless partnership with customers from the beginning. He has a working knowledge of both the management and vendor side of the business. Ryan worked with PRG real estate, Colonial Properties Trust and Grubb Properties prior to co-founding Rent Ready.


Rent Ready (RR): What first drew you to the field of real estate? 

RM: I grew up with family on both sides who had interest in the real estate industry. My grandfather was a developer and on the other side of my family we flipped properties. It has always been interesting to me how larger assets are run and financially are structured, so I wanted jump into the industry myself.   

RR: What is your favorite customer story? 

RM: There are two customer experiences that really stand out in terms of validating what we are trying to accomplish as a business.

First, a maintenance supervisor named Drew who worked at one of our customer communities, the Grayson. He immediately took to our business model and he served as both an advocate and model customer. His level of feedback and belief in our business was quite validating and reassuring when we first engaged in the relationship.

Second was winning the contract with Dasmen.  At the time it was the biggest deal we had ever (and still have ever) secured. It proved the power of what we can accomplish as a team and what the future holds in our sales process. 

RR: What is your biggest [professional] focus right now? 

RM: The team - making sure we are all positioned in a way to be most successful and structured properly for the future. 

RR: Which step of a turn would you want to complete if you were on the service pro side and why?

RM: Painting. To me painting is something that makes a huge impact both visually and aesthetically. Being a very visual person, I like the feeling of something that is freshly painted. I also like “trying” to use a sprayer - I actually attempted to paint the exterior of my first house. The sprayer didn’t make it unfortunately ... 

RR: Fun fact about yourself: go!

RM: My grandfather was a coach on the Clemson football team. 


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Written by Amanda Akers

Amanda is the Director, Platform Strategy & Communications for Rent Ready and has been with the company for over 3 years. Her experience in marketing, branding, storytelling and product management lends itself well to truly understanding the needs of the customer and industry and pushing the Rent Ready brand to live up to those standards.

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