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Grow Your Business Without Searching or Bidding on Leads



You have spent years – maybe even decades – honing your craft. Whether you paint, clean (units or carpets specifically), repair, punch or resurface counters/tubs, you have a special knack that led you to follow that particular trade. Maybe you’re a solo contractor or perhaps you’ve started a small company. Either way, you may be asking yourself, “how do I find more clients to really make this a successful career?”

What if you didn’t have to? What if you could solely focus on providing quality work? You can.

Grow Your Business Without the Hassle

You can work with Rent Ready and we’ll take care of the ‘business’ side of things while you perform your work and continue to grow your company.

Rent Ready offers a platform for service companies (paint, maintenance, cleaning, etc.) to focus on what they do best without having to continuously find additional work.

We partner with apartment communities to streamline their turn process by scheduling all their turn services - paint, clean, carpet clean, repair, counter/tub resurfacing and maintenance. This allows us to remove stress for onsite apartment staff while allowing us to connect companies like yours to clients to grow your business.

How It Works

  • Rent Ready would assign your company one community. You would complete its needed “turn” services (to prep the unit for the new resident).

  • Once quality and reliability has been established, we'd offer your company additional communities to service.

  • Then, you’d watch your business grow! See the value of just one community below.

The Value of ONE Community

This is the average value of each community to a company. This is based on 250 units per community and percentage of turns and need of the service.

Service # Average Jobs Annually $ Opportunity Value/Yr
Paint 138 $30k
Clean 138 $8k
Maintenance 138 $16k
Resurface 28 $4k
Carpet Clean 104 $7k


Grow Your Business To...

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The Perks

  • Customer Acquisition
    • Rent Ready connects you to jobs vs. clients
    • Each client represents $10-30k annually
  • Tools to Manage Operations
    • Rent Ready handles the order entry, scheduling, logistics, work completion, billing and collections through our platform
    • We provide a mobile app and portal to manage your crews and service delivery
  • Consistent, Timely Pay
    • Paid weekly by direct deposit

You Can Trust Us

We’ve been in business since 2014 and last year alone, more than 350 apartment communities throughout Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta entrusted us to coordinate more than 30,000 turn services for them.

Hear it straight from one of our pros:

“This is a wonderful place to work with. Very friendly staff and extremely helpful if there’s any kind of issues. They treat their contractors very well and extremely respectfully.” – Michael C., Charlotte Cleaner

Start Growing Now

We’re always looking for the following: cleaner, painter, maintenance tech, carpet cleaner, repair specialist and resurfacer. Check out the qualifications and apply here today.

Work with Rent Ready

Written by Will Brugh

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