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Our Report Card from Service Pros

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We count on hundreds of service pros daily to get apartment units in tip-top shop for the next resident. Cleaners, painters, maintenance techs, carpet cleaners, repair specialists and resurfacers work diligently to keep our apartment complex customers 100% satisfied. They are such a valued extension of our team and we believe in transparency, so we decided to flip the script, ask THEM how WE are doing and share our report card with you.

Side note: If you’re a service pro interested in growing your business without searching or bidding on leads, read about the perks and process to do so on our blog.

Rent Ready (RR): Please describe your experience interacting with the Rent Ready team.

I generally deal with Lexi -- our operations manager -- and she is always quick to respond and/or help me find answers to the problems I may encounter on a job, which makes my life as a contractor a breeze! 

Misha Flores, painter


RR: How does working with Rent Ready compare with finding jobs on your own? Have you been able to increase the quantity of jobs?

As far as how working with Rent Ready compares to finding work on my own, there is none, Rent Ready wins hands down. When you work for a successful company that strives to be the best in the market, then you know you’re going to have plenty to do.

Have I been able to increase the quantity of jobs? Most definitely! As long as you take pride in your skill set, you can be scheduled as much work as you can handle.

Michael Long, resurfacing

Rent Ready takes the hassle away from having to chase opportunities, which means less stress on trying to make a paycheck! Working with Rent Ready has opened more opportunities for me that I may not have had without them!

Antionette Tukes, cleaner


RR: From being assigned a job through receiving payment, please describe your experience with the Rent Ready process.

The entire process is self-explanatory. The moment you’re brought on as a contractor you’re set up for pay to come in on time every Friday! One main point of contact and one app to receive work orders on makes it a lot easier than finding the jobs myself and dealing with all the extra paperwork. Get a job in app, work alone, and automatically get paid for as many units as I can do in a week. 

Misha Flores, painter


RR: Describe the types of communities you’ve been able to work with. Has Rent Ready enabled you to diversify/add to the type of work you’ve done in the past?

Rent Ready has given me an added confidence in my skill set. I’ve been in some pretty prestigious high rises here in ATL. Places that I never imagined myself being in let alone painting. I've also expanded my own clientele from doing good work within the complexes. You never know who’s watching (lol)!

Alphonso Harrison, painter


RR: What has been the best part of working with Rent Ready?

The best part of working with Rent Ready for me has been being able to communicate with a pleasant staff, which has always made my schedule run smoothly.

Michael Long, resurfacing

The best part of working with Rent Ready for me is the flexibility in the scheduling and the people I work with!

Antionette Tukes, cleaner

The best part of being with Rent Ready has been the flexibility. I recently lost my father who resided out of state and having the freedom to leave and handle my affairs without the worry of job loss has been a blessing. More now than ever.

Alphonso Harrison, painter


RR: What are your thoughts on the pro app?

Having the app makes it easier to just get in and out of a complex without having to ask too many unnecessary questions from the property itself. One tap away from the on-site storage location, repair add-on request, and closest paint store location. 

Misha Flores, painter

My thought on the pro app is the scheduling is streamlined, and it lets us know when we are clocked in and clocked out. I believe it helps the office know in a more timely manner what is going on in the field.

Jason Reep, resurfacing

Written by Candy Shannon

Candy started her career in property management and shifted her focus to project management and then to the supplier side. She is the Lead Service Quality Manager for Rent Ready and is dedicated to constantly ensuring that Rent Ready provides quality work by developing strong relationships with onsite management teams and contractors.

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