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Residents Thoughts on Sanitization Onsite at Communities


In the past 2 weeks, as the country has opened up, the increased awareness of sanitization is evident everywhere. I go to the grocery store and the cart is wiped down for me before I take it through the store. I go to order take out and the menu is sanitized before it's handed to me and after I hand it back. Those are just two examples of how serious businesses are taking the safety of their patrons.

We know that regular sanitization helps to stop the spread of germs and communicable diseases in high density locations; and this includes apartment communities. However, what we wanted to better understand is how do residents feel about sanitization in their community.

We took it to the polls! We conducted a national survey of apartment renters from coast to coast to hear what they thought about sanitization and if it made them feel better about their community. Overwhelmingly, the answer to that question is yes.

Yes, sanitization of vacant units prior to move in is preferred.

Yes, sanitization of common areas on a regular basis is preferred.

Yes, if a resident was moving, they would consider a new community that sanitizes common spaces and vacant units over a property that doesn't.

Ultimately what we found was that residents feel very strongly about their safety where they live and socialize and are asking: "What are you doing to keep us safe?"

Click below to see the full results of our national survey.


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Written by Amanda Akers

Amanda is the Director, Platform Strategy & Communications for Rent Ready and has been with the company for over 3 years. Her experience in marketing, branding, storytelling and product management lends itself well to truly understanding the needs of the customer and industry and pushing the Rent Ready brand to live up to those standards.

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