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Things to Get Accomplished While Your Office is Closed to the Public


Your office is closed to the public which in turns results in fewer distractions throughout the day. In a role that has mastered the ability to multi-task and handle interruptions like a champion, it might feel like a surreal reality when you have hours of uninterrupted time. But now the question becomes, what do I do with this extra time? What things have I put off that I could refocus on? Well, we’ve come up with some items that you and your team might be able to concentrate on and finally check off your list:

  • Virtual marketing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Make readys
  • File audits
  • Ledger audits
  • Calls to check on residents
  • Organizing
  • Pressure wash
  • Light checks
  • Irrigation audits
  • Prep marketing materials
  • Prepare move in gifts
  • Call and setup online payments for residents (if they don't currently)
  • Organize the shop - take inventory
  • Paint curbs
  • Full exterior building inspections
  • Clean pool furniture
  • Plan future resident events
  • Plan virtual resident events
  • Give your office a facelift

The possibilities really are endless with what can get done when you have a little free time. For some, you might even be busier than ever, but if you're not, we hope this list helps you stay busy!


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Have any other projects you've gotten accomplished? Comment below to share!

Written by Kathleen Pate

Kathleen has been on the supplier side of the multifamily industry going on 7 years! Her start in our industry came as a leasing consultant back in 2011, this helps her understand the needs and challenges of the onsite staff.

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