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Tips for Working with Vendors While Social Distancing


During the new Socially Distant era, everyone is finding new and creative ways to get the job done while ensuring we are thinking about the health of all parties involved. Understanding the importance of social distancing, we have some suggestions on how to continue to work with vendors while remaining socially distant...

Unlock Doors in the Morning

At the beginning of the day, go unlock all of the units that are receiving work that day. At the end of the day, go lock all of the units. This eliminates all interaction with vendors while allowing you to stay on schedule by having work completed.

Unlock Doors as Needed

Don't feel comfortable about unlocking all of the doors in the morning? Have the vendors call you when they are on the way and a few minutes before they arrive, go unlock the unit that they will be working in. Have the vendor call/text you when work is complete and go lock the door back.

Temporarily Delay Work in Occupied Units

Delay scheduling work in occupied units to reduce exposure to residents.

Continue CDC Recommendations

Continue to practice diligent hand washing and sanitizing as recommended by the CDC.

Sanitize Keys When Handled by Vendors

If you’re unable to unlock doors for vendors, consider wearing gloves when handling keys and licenses and sanitize before and after each hand off to reduce the spread of germs.

We understand that these are unprecedented times and working together to come up with creative ways to continue to work is the only way to come out of this stronger.

Written by Candy Shannon

Candy started her career in property management and shifted her focus to project management and then to the supplier side. She is the Lead Service Quality Manager for Rent Ready and is dedicated to constantly ensuring that Rent Ready provides quality work by developing strong relationships with onsite management teams and contractors.

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