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Trends for Google Searches of "Apartments" is on the Rise


While Google search terms are trending around everything happening in the world today, it's also told quite the story around the multi-family industry as well. The week of March 1st - google searches for 'apartments' were on the rise in an upward trend as one would expect for than beginning of the spring season. However, by the week of March 15th, things had dramatically changed. In alignment with 'stay-at-home' orders issued across the country, the searches for "apartments" fell drastically. Through the end of March, April and May however the trends started to rebound. By the end of May, trends started to resemble what 2019 looked like.


Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.30.33 AM

Source: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=US&q=apartments 

As people start looking for apartments they may start inquiring about things that they haven't considered before. Maybe they will be more concerned about community engagement through virtual events or how the community is keeping them safe with sanitization services. In a nationwide survey of renters, 86% said they would be persuaded to move to a community that sanitizes common areas over a communities that doesn't. Also, 93% would prefer that their new home be sanitized prior to moving in. Doing things to keep them safe, and advertising that effort, will help attract people.

What are you doing to stand out in Google searches?



Written by Amanda Akers

Amanda is the Director, Platform Strategy & Communications for Rent Ready and has been with the company for over 3 years. Her experience in marketing, branding, storytelling and product management lends itself well to truly understanding the needs of the customer and industry and pushing the Rent Ready brand to live up to those standards.

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