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Virtual Tour Tips


In a time when 'personal space' means more than it ever has in the past, the way we live our lives and do our jobs have been tested. One of the things in this industry that has become difficult for leasing professionals is giving tours. How are you expected to give prospects a great experience and walk them through what could be their future home if you're not supposed to shake hands or even be within six feet of one another? Well, only one option: virtual tours.

Virtual Tours: The Future is here

Maybe your community is already doing them and you have mastered the art. However, some communities probably haven't been able to practice this in the past, for those, here are some platforms that you can use to get some virtual tours recorded:

  • Your Phone! That's right! Don't feel like learning a whole app or platform, just use your phone to record a video of different floor plans and upload those. It really could be that easy. For those iPhone users - check out iPhone movie!
  • Magisto - the tagline is 'Be a Video Superhero' - use picture or videos and add some pizzaz to any video to show personality with just a few clicks. You can download the app in your Playstore on your phone or use their desktop applications.
  • Zillow - the free mobile app provides you the capabilities to showcase 3D tours to help really captivate your audience and you can do that with your phone, without any fancy equipment.
  • realync - a little more complex and requires a package, but they specialize in multifamily video leasing and engagement! With the platform you can edit video clips with captions, voice-overs, and more to create a custom experience for each prospect.

From completely free and something you already know how to use, to a few easy-to-use apps all the way to a full platform, there are options for everyone. Have fun with it!


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Written by Jean Chadderdon

Jean has worked in the multi-family industry for most of her career - she started in the leasing office and transitioned to the supplier side. She truly understands the day-to-day struggles that onsite staff face and is able to help creatively solve those headaches for them

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