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      Addon Approval Process & Communication

      Posted by Yoda on Nov 6, 2020 11:34:10 AM


      The process in which we take addon requests from Pros and how we solicit approval from the customer varies depending on the preferred method for each customer. This article will walk through the process to gain approval from customers for addons based on their desired method and then how you update this information in STELLA.

      In this article, you will find:

      Addon Approval Process and Method Descriptions

      Below are the steps for Pros to take when addons are needed:

      1. Check for the need of addons. We are asking that when they arrive onsite to complete their work order that they review the work order for details and ordered addons and then walk the unit access for any additional addons that need to be complete.
      2. Look to see what method that property prefers for addon approvals. They will open up their app and can find this information in two places:
        1. Property Page
        2. Addon Request Screen
      1. Depending on the addon approval process determined for that property, Pros will need to follow the corresponding steps:
        1. Auto Approve: This customer does not need to approve addons, however, Pro’s will need to submit the addon through the app and have the PSM contact approve and add to the work order.
        2. PSM Receives Approval: The Pro will submit their addon request through the app and the PSM will handle getting approval for the addon and then add it to you work order for the Pro.
        3. Pro Receives Approval: The Pro will need to get approval for the addon directly with the customer and submit the addon through the app (including the name of the person who approved the addon in the description box of the add) for the PSM to approve and add to work order. 
        4. Customer Performs Approval: This option is intended for customers who use our customer portal. The customer will be notified of the addon request and can approve/reject/request more details about the addon request from the portal. The pro does not need to take any action other than submitting the addon request through their app. 

      Updating Methods in STELLA 

      1. Navigate to the Property page (left hand tool par under ‘Pros and Properties’ and then search for the property
      2. Navigate to the ‘Service Profile’ tab
      3. In the second section down, you’ll find ‘Customer Approvals and Communication Preference’, here you will update
        1. Addon Approval Method (dropdown select)
          1. Auto-Approve
          2. PSM Received Approval
          3. Pro Received Approval
          4. Customer Performs Approval
        2. Main Customer Approver (a lookup field)
        3. Backup Decision for Addons (a lookup field)
        4. Backup Notification Phone Number
          • This only needs to be filled in if addon approval method = Customer Performs Approval
        5. Save the Record

      Quickly View Property Preferences 

      You can quickly see these preferences and information in two places:

      1. Booking Alerts page

      2. Job Profile > Property Info