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      All PSM Action Dashboard

      Posted by Jack on Sep 7, 2020 11:33:58 PM


      Purpose: This dashboard provides a replica of the existing functionality, but allows the PSM to search for all of the PSM's records. This is intended for when a PSM is providing backup for another PSM.

      Open Addon Requests:
      This shows a listing of all open addon requests within the system

      Rescheduled/Canceled Requests:
      This shows a listing of all reschedules or cancel requests within the system

      PSM Tasks:
      Shows a listing of all open tasks assigned to the PSM

      Tasks I Have Assigned to Others:

      Shows tasks specific PSM has assigned to other people that directly impact their customer or pros

      Open Missing Parts:
      Shows all open Missing Parts requests within the system

      Open Notes/Photos:
      Shows all notes/photos updates within the system

      All Current Pros:

      A view of all pros that are marked as current

      Topics: Operations, Dashboard