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      Customer Onboard: The Onboard

      Posted by Michael Scott on Feb 17, 2021 12:31:02 PM
      Michael Scott



      Information to be gathered by the PSM during the Customer Onboard:


      Download PDF Outline


      Pre-Onboard (Portal Requirements) 

      Before day of Onboard 

      • On the customer account page 
        • Set “activate portal access” to yes 
        • Add your contact to the “All Contacts” subgrid 
      • On each contact page (all property contacts + your own) 
        • Make sure they have “main property” as the correct property we are onboarding (or the management company if linked to multiple) 
        • Copy their email and go to the “details” tab 
        • Paste their email under portal access area in the portal email field 
        • Change “portal access” to yes
        • Save the record 
        • Wait for the portal reset to populate 
        • Then save and close contact record 
      • Login to portal to check the following 
        • Setup Services tab 
          • Checking that the services are correct and in the right order for the right vendors (ie Rent Ready, In-House, Other Vendor) 
        • Floorplans + Pricelist 
          • Checking the floorplans are all listed correctly  
          • Checking the pricelist is showing the standard services + addons 
        • Start creating a turn to make sure services/addons are showing – DO NOT SAVE TURN 
      • Create preferences for pros on the property page in Stella 

      Day of Onboard (usually about 30 minutes before) 

      • Open each contact record and select “trigger password reset” on the details tab 
      • Make sure you are still associated to the property and login to portal to have it ready to share 



      Part 1 – Customer Confirmations 

      • Who is the primary point of contact?  
        • Who is the back up?   
      • What is their contact information?  
      • What is their preferred method of communication?  
        • General communication   
        • Add-on Requests … Approval   
      • Billing Info:  
        • Management Company  
        • Account Name  
        • Billing Contact & Title  
          • First/Last Name  
          • Number  
          • Email  
        • Billing Address  
        • Billing Type (confirm) -   
      • Billing Cycle (confirm understanding based on market)  
      • Paint specs (confirm) …..   
      • We’d like to confirm your communities ‘No smoking’ and Mask policy.  Is this a smoke free property? (check in Stella to see if noted on the account) …    

      Part 2 – Customer Ordering Habit Confirmations  

      • What is the cadence at which you expect to submit orders (i.e. weekly, monthly)?  
      • Will units be walked before the order is submitted (expectations of add-ons)?   
      • Who approves add-ons?  
        • Can a Pro request approval or should it go through official channels?   
        • Do you need photos?   
      • Who (if anyone) can make changes to the schedule outside of the main POC?  

      Part 3 – Customer Portal Training 

      • Home screen – confirm they see property name and can click on it 
      • Calendar view – default view when they open property page 
      • Turn Board – walk through columns briefly 
      • Property Settings – click on name in top right corner  
        • Setup Services – review services that we provide vs in house, show how to create custom service, drag into different order  
        • Floorplans – click on pricelist to show the pricing for the floorplan 
        • Units – list of units we have provided services for 
        • Property Settings – address 
        • Users – all people who have access to this account 
      • How to create a turn  
        • Review auto populating the dates based on move-in 
        • How to change date for scheduling 
        • Notes and addons 
        • How to remove specific service if not needed 
        • Price total in the top right corner 
      • On turn board, talk about 
        • status of services (pending, scheduled, in progress, completed, canceled) 
        • how to filter 
        • how to search 
        • default sorting to move-in date 
      • Cancel an entire turn 
      • POs **If necessary 
        • Create a default PO which attaches to all services 
        • Use “I don’t know PO number” 
        • Change PO 
        • Create different PO for specific service 

      Part 4 – Reminders 

      • Schedule early to ensure availability, especially primary pro availability 
      • Scope of work details are important to avoid schedule issues and addon approvals in real time  
      • Confirm best point of contact for daily ops communication and addons 
      • Unit readiness 
      • Ensure as many people onsite are users of tech to get everyone on same page / transparency into make ready status 
      • Make sure exact turn profile is confirmed. There may be variation unit to unit but we should have a standard turn profile for each property  
      • Preferred and secondary pros  
      • What are past pain points you have had with other vendors?  
      • Discuss importance of advance scheduling  



      The wrap up the onboard, these should have been covered: 

      1. Portal Training 
      2. Customer put in first orders in the portal and seem comfortable with the portal 
      3. Customer understand ordering process 
      4. All information has been confirmed and/or gathered 

      Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Onboard