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      DSAT Process

      Posted by Yoda on Aug 17, 2020 11:20:58 AM

      We have built out extensive functionality which now allows the ability to create, investigate and perform actions on the DSAT process.

      Overall functionality which has been included in this solution includes the following:

      • Ability to create a case to track complaints by customers: From a Case, the following can be created:
        • Follow-up
        • Custom Payroll Line Item
        • Custom Billing Line Item
        • Pro Feedback

      Quick Links:


      Creating a Complaint (Case)

      Managing a Complaint (Case)

      Creating one or more follow-up bookings

      Creating one or more custom payroll line items

      Creating one or more custom billing line items 

      Creating one or more Pro Feedback records 

      Closing a Complaint (Case) 

      Job Profile Complaint Reference

      Pro Complaint Reference

      Creating a Complaint (Case)


      Cases can be created in a number of different areas in the system including: 

      1. In the Operations App under the 'Complaints & Feedback' section 
      2. In the Quality Management App under the 'Complaints & Feedback' section 
      3. Rent Ready Staffers can also create new Complaints(Cases) directly from: 
        1. Job Profile in the 'Admin' section 
        2. Property (Account) record in the 'Account Management' section 


      When creating a case the following information should be populated initially: 


      Basic Information Section: 


      1. DSAT Summary: This is a short summary of the issue 
      2. Customer: This is the Property where the issue occurred 
      3. Original Job Profile: This will filter based on the customer selected 
      4. Original Work Order: This will filter based on the Job Profile selected.  
        1. Note: If issue is not due to some specific work order (i.e. billing complaint or internal resource complaint) - leave blank 
        2. Source of DSAT: Select one of the following: 
          1. Originated from Customer: will require selecting a Contact in the system 
          2. Originated from Internal Resource: will require selecting a system user 
          3. Originated from Pro: will require selecting a Pro 

      Click 'Save' 


      Investigation Determination Section: 


      After 'Saving' initially, the following fields will become required: 


      Primary Issue: This optionset will change based on the skillset selected. If it is non skillset specific issue (i.e. theft, combative behavior) choose 'Other' for skillset 

      Internal Notes: This is where the PSM/SQM will input notes regarding this complaint/case.  



      In addition, once the Work Order is populated, there will be a Quick View which is visible that shows the details of the Work Order.  


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      Managing a Complaint (Case):  


      Once the Complaint (Case) is created initially, there are a number of actions which can be performed while the case is opened.  


      Actions that can be performed include: 

      • Adding notes and compiling findings regarding the complaint 
      • Creating one or more follow-up bookings 
      • Creating one or more custom payroll line items 
      • Creating one or more custom billing line items 
      • Creating one or more Pro Feedback records 


      Below provides a detailed description of each of these actions available: 


      Adding notes and compiling findings regarding the complaint:  


      • Add Internal Notes regarding findings of Case 
      • Create Associated Tasks for Various Rent Ready staffers to inform and have them perform tasks (ex. BDM call property or SQM visit Pro) 
      • Add additional issues to the Case to provide a full list of potential problems 


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      Creating one or more follow-up bookings


      PSMs can also create follow-up work for a Pro to perform. To create follow-up work, the PSM will do the following: 

      1. In the 'Create Follow-up Work Order' select 'Yes' 
      1. This will now display an entire section of fields which can be populated which include: 
        1. Date to Schedule Work: this is when the followup dsat work needs to occur. The time will always be scheduled at the earliest availability for the Pro 
        2. Estimated Hours: amount of hours (estimated) the pro needs to complete work 
        3. Work Order Type: Select the type of details which need to be visible for the Pro in order to do their work. Ex. If a paint follow-up select 'Paint' so that the painter can see the specs 
        4. Assigning - one of the following 
          1. Pro to Perform: Select the Pro who should be assigned the work if known - this will attempt to schedule the work to the Pro selected when run 
          2. No Pro Available?: If this is selected, then it will create the work order in an 'Open-Unscheduled' state 
        5. Additional Notes for Work Order: These are the details of what the Pro needs to perform  
        6. Once all filled out - select 'Generate Follow-up' and 'Save' to complete.  


      Once 'Generate Follow-up' is selected and the record saved, the process will run behind the scenes. Please note that this can take several minutes to perform.  

      The following will occur:  

      1. If no Pro selected, the Work Order will be created in an 'Open-Unscheduled' status associated to the Job Profile 
      2. If less than 3hrs estimated and the Pro selected has no AM work for that day - then it will assign 
      3. If more than 3 hrs of work and the Pro has less than 10 hours of total work assigned including this followup - it will assign 
      4. If more than 3 hrs of work and the Pro has 10 hours or more of total work assigned including this followup - it will not assign and will create a high priority task 


      The generated followup can be seen below after a few minutes. The fields to populate the follow-up will reset so that the PSM can add more followups if needed later. In addition another scenario - If the Pro selected has AM work - it will not assign to the Pro and create a high priority task to the PSM indicating that the record could not be assigned is currently not working and will be fixed in the next release.  


      Known Issues with DSAT Follow-up: Currently the DSAT process does not check the availability of the pro. This will be resolved in a later release.  


      Important things to Note: When follow-ups are created, they always do not contain any Work Order Services, hence unpaid/no-charge. In the sections below, you can create custom payouts (or deductions) for a Pro and also potentially custom charges as well. This is primarily just used for assigning time to the Pro to know they need to go back and the details needed from the notes.  


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      Creating one or more custom payroll line items


      In addition to being able to create follow-ups, the PSM is able to create custom payroll line items (which includes payments or deductions). Below are the steps the PSM can perform to create these custom payroll line items: 


      1. Navigate to the section labeled 'Optional Pro Payout'. Click on the '+New Payroll Line Item' button 
      2. A quick create form will appear. Fill out the following fields: 

        1. Pro Record: The Pro you will create a payout or deduction for 
        2. Summary of Work: This is what will be visible on the Pros Pay Summary 
        3. Date of Work: Date of the work to identify which pay summary to link to 
        4. Pay/Deduction: The amount which should be paid out/deducted 
        5. Internal Notes: These are internal notes about the custom payroll line item (which will be visible when the pay summaries are generated) 
        6. Case: Link to the Complaint(Case) - this should auto-populate 
        7. Optionally can link to the Work Order  
        8. Click 'Save and Close' once done 


      Creating one or more custom billing line items 


      Custom Billing Line Items can also be created directly from the Complaint(Case). We are currently experiencing some issues with Custom Billing Line items where the line items may not get process. At this point in time, I would encourage adding a billing note instead r reaching out to Brittny directly until this issue has been resolved.  

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      Creating one or more Pro Feedback records 


      We now breakout Complaints(Cases) with Pro Feedback. Pro Feedback is a way to track positive or negative feedback from internal or external sources. It is not intended to be used exclusively for negative behavior and should be use for both good and bad experiences.  


      To create a feedback against a Pro (positive or negative), follow the steps below:  


      1. Navigate to the 'Associated Pro Feedback' section and click the '+ New Pro Feedback' 
      2. In the Quick Create form, fill out the following information: 

        1. Linked Pro: This is the Pro creating negative or positive feedback for 
        2. Feedback Summary: Summary of the Feedback for the Pro 
        3. Primary Issue (Optional): Select the issue is inputting a negative feedback 
        4. Pro Service Score: Select the value for the Pro: 
          • 2: Unsatisfactory 
          • 5: Excellent 
          • 4: Good 
          • 3: Average 
          • 1: Poor 

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      Closing a Complaint (Case) 


      Once all the necessary actions have been performed against the DSAT, the PSM needs to close the DSAT. To do this, the following actions should be taken: 


      1. Navigate to the Business Process Flow and click on 'Evaluate' 
      2. Verify the information and then click 'Next Stage' 
      3. This should move the stage to 'Case Completed.' Make sure to populate 'Final Verdict' (this will then require an additional field to be populated on the Investigation determination based on the selection 
      4. Click 'Finish' 
      5. The final step is to close out the case. Click the 'Resolve Case' button on the Command Bar 
      6. Fill out the 'Resolution Type' and 'Resolution' fields and click 'Resolve' 


      Tracking and Reporting on Case/Feedback Data:  


      After cases are complete, information can be seen regarding these cases in several different areas including: 

        1. Property 
        2. Job Profile 
        3. Pro Record 


      Property Complaint (Case) Review: 


      From the property record, a Rent Ready Staffer can access past complaint information regarding a property by performing the following steps: 


      7. Navigate to the Property record 

      8. Click on the 'Account Management' tab 

      9. At the bottom of the page, there is a 'Property Case History' sub-grid which will show all cases associated to a Property 

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      Job Profile Complaint Reference


      From the Job Profile, a Rent Ready Staffer can see complaint(case) information regarding a particular Job Profile by performing the following steps:


      1. Navigate to the Job Profile
      2. Click on the 'Admin' tab
      3. Navigate to the sub-grid labeled 'Associated Complaints'. This is where the Rent Ready Staffer can see all complaints associated to that specific Job Profile.
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      Pro Complaint Reference


      From a Pro record (either Contact or Bookable Resource), a Rent Ready Staffer can see information pertaining to associated Pros including:


      1. Navigate to the Pro record (Contact or Bookable Resource)
      2. Click on the 'Feedback' tab
      3. Within the Feedback tab, three types of data will be visible:
        1. Overall Feedback Score (compiles an average of all Feedbacks associated to the Pro)
        2. Associated Pro Feedbacks
        3. Associated Cases

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