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      God-Mode Bulk Text Messages for Pros

      Posted by Yoda on Sep 23, 2020 8:44:32 AM



      Communication is a critical aspect for PSMs to be able to communicate to Pros and Companies. This functionality provides the ability for Pros and Companies to receive bulk text message notifications regarding company wide announcements.  

      How to send a bulk message:  

      1. Navigate to the Operations app 
      2. Click on 'Admin' 
      3. Click on the section labeled 'Pro Bulk Communication' 
      4. There are two ways to send messages, these are: 

        • All Active Pros and Companies (Bookable Resources) 
      5. A sub-set based on a combination of Market, Pro Type, and/or Skillset: 
      6. Next decision will either be to send the message now or to schedule at a later time (EST) 
      7. Finally, the PSM can add the message (URLs work as well). Messages must be 160 characters or less 

      When the Pro or Company receives the message, it will be received as a text message. For this release, this is an unmonitored line and any message sent to this number will get the message back: 'This is an unmonitored line - if you need assistance, please reach out to your PSM." 


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