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      How to Create a Job Profile and Work Orders

      Posted by Yoda on Oct 16, 2020 12:49:03 PM



      Purpose: The Job profile holds information about the specific unit and the services needed. The Work Orders must be created for each skillset for the pro to get the information needed. 


      Click here for a Video Demo of steps


      Below are the steps to create the job profile and associated work orders. 

      1. Click ‘+New’ from the Command Bar to create a new Job Profile
      2. Fill in information on General Tab of JP (see Job Profile article for more details about the general tab) **be sure the services that are needed are selected from the turn selection on the right-hand side
      3. Click ‘Save’ and ‘Create/Update Work Order’ to start creating the individual work orders for this unit **A yellow bar will appear at the top of the page informing the PSM that the process has begun running.
      4. Go to skillset tab as needed to select addon services requested for this unit (i.e. color change on paint tab); to add an addon - select the '+new addon selection' and this quick create form will appear with options for addons based on that skillset; fill out the fields appropriately and click 'save and close'

      5. Once all addons needed are added to appropriate skillset tab, click ‘Create/Update Work Order’ again **to make sure the services for the work order are created, they should appear on the skillset tab under services needed, even the standard services (if applicable) – if you don’t see any work order services, there is something wrong!
      6. Now you are ready to schedule!

      **There are 3 different methods to schedule the work orders: (click on the links below for specific details of how to use that method)


      Job Profile Structure:



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