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      How to Create an Agreement

      Posted by Yoda on Nov 5, 2020 3:12:15 PM


      Purpose: This article details how to create an agreement. An agreement allows you to create a recurring service for sanitization or office cleans. 


      How to Create an Agreement

      1. Navigate to the Operations app and change the area to ‘Admin’ in the bottom left corner of the screen
      2. Click ‘Agreements’ on the menu from the left and then click ‘+ New’ on the Command Bar at the top of the page
      3. Fill out the information in the ‘General’ section, ‘Sales Tax’ section, and ‘Duration’ section
        1. Service Account: this is the property where services are taking place
        2. Billing Account: this will auto fill based on service property 
        3. Substatus: leave blank
        4. Parent Pricelist: this will auto fill based on service property **Do NOT change
        5. Floorplan: this will fill in with the wrong information; you need to click the X next to the name and then select either ‘Office Clean’ or ‘Sanitization’ based on what the order is for
        6. Ordered By: contact who placed the order for the service
        7. Taxable: set Sales Tax to ‘No’
        8. Start Date: date you want services to begin
          **Note: the WO will not generate in advance if this start date is the same date as the first service
          PRO TIP: set this date to at least 1 day prior to first WO date you want to schedule; this will help manage the pros availability as well
        9. Duration: leave as-is
        10. End Date: select a date approximately 6 months in the future
      4. Click ‘Save’
      5. From the flow at the top, click on the word ‘Agreement’ and then click on ‘Next Stage’
      6. A pop up will appear to click on ‘+ Create’

      7. Now the flow at the top should be on ‘Agreement Booking Setup’
      8. Fill in the following fields on this page
        1. Name: a description of recurring services (i.e. Weekly Office Clean)
        2. Owner: leave as PSM
        3. Agreement: leave as-is
        4. Auto Generate Work Order: leave as yes
        5. AM/PM preference: select AM/PM if requested by customer, otherwise leave blank
        6. Work Order Type: select ‘Clean’
        7. Generate WO days in Advance: 14 to 21 days is the recommended time frame to select
        8. Auto Generate Booking: leave as “Yes”
          **Note: You can change this to “No” if you do not know the pro to preform work. It will still create a WO but it will leave it as unscheduled for you to schedule when ready

        9. Estimated Duration: enter the amount of time the Pro will need to perform the work
        10. Preferred Resource: the pro that you want to assign the WO to
        11. Preferred Start Time: when the booking will be scheduled for
          **Leave all other fields blank
      9. Click ‘Save’ once finished
      10. To schedule the booking recurrence, click on the ‘Booking Recurrence’ button on the top Command Bar

      11. Fill out the information according to how often you want the service to occur
        1. Repeat: select the cadence
        2. Repeat every x: how often for the cadence (ie every 2 weeks)
        3. Days: day(s) services should be performed on
        4. Range of Recurrence: leave as-is

      12. Click ‘Ok’
      13. Click ‘Save’
      14. Click on ‘Services’ tab. Click ‘+ New Agreement Booking’ to add the specific services for this WO. A new form will appear to fill in the information for the service needed


        1. Service: select from the dropdown menu for the services to be performed
          **Note: based on what you select, certain fields will appear and be required
        2. Unit: this will fill in based on service selected
        3. Amount Needed: amount of service needed
        4. Service Notes: optional note that is specific to the service selected
        5. Price List: leave as-is

      15. Click ‘Save & Close’
      16. Repeat adding new services until you have added all services needed. All services you selected should appear on the sub-grid on the services tab. You can add/remove/edit from this screen

      17. Click on ‘Agreement Booking Setup’ from the top Command Bar and select ‘Next Stage’
      18. Change the ‘System Status’ to “Active”

      19. Click ‘Save’ – this will start the process of generating the work orders based on your specifications for the agreement
      20. And now you are done!




      Topics: Operations