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      How to Create A Bookable Resource Booking From the Job Profile

      Posted by Yoda on Oct 16, 2020 12:45:10 PM



      Click here for a video demo of how to create a bookable resource booking


      To create the BRB, the PSM will use the following steps:

      1. Create the Job Profile and the work orders so the overall status is “Open-Unscheduled”
      2. Navigate to the skillset tab (i.e. paint, clean, carpet, etc)
      3. On the right hand side, under work order details, click “+ Create New Bookable Resource Booking”
      4. Enter the details in the quick create form that appears (Tip: you can use the pro availability grid on the screen to determine what dates the pro is available for you to schedule)
      5. Once the details are entered in correctly (resource, start time, and duration), click “Save + Close”
      6. Click “Save” from the button bar at the top
      7. The status of the WO should change to “Open – Scheduled”
      8. Repeat these steps for each skillset until each WO is scheduled and overall system status is set to “Open – Scheduled”

      Topics: Operations, Job Profile