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      Job Profile

      Posted by Yoda on Oct 16, 2020 12:58:33 PM


      Purpose of Job Profile: the JP contains all information related to a specific unit where services are occurring. **One unit may have multiple JPs depending on the type of services needed


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      How to Navigate to Job Profiles

      General Tab

      Skillset Tabs

      Additional Functionality From the Job Profile

      Video Demo


      How To Navigate to Job Profiles

      To get to job profiles, make sure you select the operations app from the dropdown under Stella System; once there you will see Job Profiles as the first option under ‘Operations’ area on the left-hand side



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      Anatomy of the Job Profile - General Tab



      • Overall System Status: status of the services requested for specific unit 
      • Service Property: name of the Property where services will be conducted
      • Unit Search: ability to search for a specific unit to determine if another JP has already been created for the same unit 
      • Floorplan: options of floorplans available for the specific property you have entered above (i.e. 1 bed 1 bath)
      • Job Profile Turn: options of which type of services will be completed for this unit (see Job profile turn article for more details)
      • Unit: unit number for services needed
      • PO Number – Overall: required if property uses PO for billing 
      • COVID Positive Property: option of yes/no for COVID positive properties – this will not show to pros on their app
      • Occupied Unit: option of yes/no for occupied unit – this will show to pros on their app if yes
      • Ordering Origin: format in which the order was received (i.e. email, phone, etc)
      • Ordered By: person who ordered the services for this unit
      • Property Turn Profile: automatically filled in field – helps determine what the properties normal job profile turn is for PSM when taking orders
      • Current Sales Pricelist: property pricelist that is automatically filled in from properties account page **If this does not display after selecting floorplan, reach out to Tech and do not continue scheduling as this will impact billing and payroll
      • Scheduling Notes: specific notes about property in terms of what you should know when scheduling units for services
      • Billing Notes: specific notes about property for billing items
      • PSM Internal Notes: internal notes only for PSM to reference about specific unit; not visible to property or pro
      • Turn Selection: summary of services selected for this unit; area on JP to cancel/reschedule services as needed 


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      Anatomy of Job Profile - Skillset Tabs

      Each skillset chosen for a Job Profile will have it's own individual tab. That tab stores specific information related to the specific skillset and work order. 

      **Note: Work Order details will not appear until work order is created. See How to Create JP/WO article for more details 



      • Exclude Core Services: you can exclude a core service from the Job Profile on the core service tab by selecting 'Exclude Core Service' and only having addons for that service

      • Addons: summary of addons selected; allows you to add/remove addons for this skillset

      • Notes (specific for unit): notes that will display to the pro on their app for the specific skillset 
      • Pro Availability: this provides a summary of the Preferred Pros availability and scheduled work (if scheduled)
        • Tentative Date for Work:selected date for work to be assigned to a pro (date autofills 3-5 days in the future based on created date)
        • Preferred Resource: pro that is currently assigned to work order (if any)
        • Time Preference: AM/PM preference – this will appear to the pro on their app
      • Work Order Details (on the right hand side): work order number, system status, work scheduled date, assigned pro, estimated payout, work order services, booking scheduled, and property paint spec (specific to paint and counter tab)


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      Additional Functionality from the JP

      • Photo Gallery: Shows a compilation of photos uploaded from the pro or the PSM for the Job Profile
      • Price and Payroll Checking Tab: Will show a summary of the price and payout for various services for that property
      • Admin Tab: Contains four sub-sections:
        • Work Order Action History – Shows any work cancelled or rescheduled associated to the Work Order
        • Pro Requests/Notifications – Shows a summary of any requests associated to the Job Profile
        • Associated Complaints – Shows customer complaints about services related to this unit
        • System Troubleshooting – Allows ops team to troubleshoot if a JP gets stuck when updating


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      Video Demo of Basic Job Profile Details

      Click here for video


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