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      My System Troubleshooting and Weekly Checks

      Posted by Jack on Sep 7, 2020 11:35:25 PM



      Purpose: This dashboard allows the PSM to see a consolidated list of checks and potential system errors which need to be addressed without having to navigate to multiple places within the system

      My Job Profile Error Check:
      Shows a list of Job Profiles which got stuck while running the 'Create/Update Button' associated to the PSM

      My Addon Services Check:
      Displays a list of Addon Services  added to the Job Profile which did not get updated to associated to the Work Order

      My PO Placeholder Needing Updating:
      A list of Pos associated to the PSM which have the Placeholder value set to Yes

      My Past Work Still Open:

      Work orders whose work scheduled date is in the past but the status of the WO is not completed

      My Customer Cases:
      All Custom Complaints which are associated to the PSM

      My Agreements with Issues

      Agreements (Recurring Office Cleans or Sanitization Services) associated to the PSM that have issues with work orders

      Topics: Operations, Dashboard