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      Opportunity Nurturing & Followup Expectations

      Posted by Michael Scott on Feb 17, 2021 12:36:35 PM
      Michael Scott


      Below is the standard requirements for length of stay in each stage of the opportunity flow as well as standards for nurturing activities:


      LEAD:  Min 1/Max 90 Days

      • Min of 3 touches in 30 days/Max of 9 documented touches in 90 days.
        • Email, Phone, Text, LinkedIn
      • HubSpot Inquires
        • Lead created and attempt to connect within 4 hours of submission

      QUALIFY:  Min 1/Max 5 Days

      • Qualification is expected within 5 days.

      QUOTING: Min 2/Max 30 Days

      • Price prepped in 1 day of interest. Max 2 days
      • Price call within 10 days.  Max 30 days.

      NURTURE: Min 3/ Max 60 Days

      • 1 touch per week for a period of 6 to 8 weeks depending on the engagement. (site or corporate)
      • Weekly for site engagements and Bi-Weekly to corporate is acceptable.

      ONBOARD:  Min 2/Max 14 Days

      • Takes place within 14 days of price approval and 3 days prior to first services.

      LAUNCH:  60 DAYS - New stage/Mandatory time frame to ensure successful stable relationship.



      Min Life Cycle from Lead to Onboard:  1 month, 8 days

      Max Life Cycle from Lead to Onboard:  6 months, 19 days

      Topics: SalesHub, Customer Experience