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      Perform a Reschedule

      Posted by Yoda on Apr 15, 2021 3:07:53 PM


      How to Perform a Reschedule:

      1. From the Job Profile click on the 'General' tab and then select 'Reschedule Job Profile' on the right-hand section

      2. Fill out the following:
        1. Skillset Reschedule: (The main skillset which triggered the reschedule)
        2. Reschedule/Cancel Reason
      3. Navigate to each skillset and then fill out the following depending on the option needed:
        1. Selecting 'Reschedule - New Date Unknown' will remove the BRB and clear the Date Scheduled on the Work Order, leaving that Skillset unscheduled

        2. Adjusting AM/PM Preference: This will update the work order to note that it needs to be AM/PM

        3. Reschedule Proposed New Date: This will either:

          1. If <Skillset> - Preferred Resource is Populated: will attempt to perform auto-schedule and remove the other service and reschedule to the new service
          2. If <Skillset> -Preferred Resource Not Populated: will remove BRB (if populated) and update the work scheduled date for the date requested but leave the Work Order as unscheduled since no Pro was selected.
          3. If Reschedule Proposed New Date is the same date as the 'Tentative Date for Work' then it should not do anything to that work order (unless Preferred Resource is adjusted or AM/PM is adjusted)

      Other things to note:

      • Any reschedule adjustments which result in either a BRB being deleted or added (not updated) will create a Work Order Action History Record
      • Any reschedules performed while the work order is 'In-Progress' will automatically generate a Reschedule Payout for the Pro

      Topics: Operations, Job Profile, Reschedule