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      Pro Incentive Pay

      Posted by Yoda on Oct 11, 2021 9:21:44 PM


      Incentive Pay for Pros

      We will be implementing a new pay opportunity for service providers based on performance. A Pro must meet both of the below metrics to be eligible for their incentive-based pay.

      Quality Metrics

      We will be utilizing cases and total work orders to determine a Pro’s quality rating on a rolling 90-day basis. Example: If a Pro has completed 100 work orders in the last 90 days and three of those work orders have cases logged where the Pro performed poor quality work that resulted in a dissatisfied customer, the Pro’s quality rating would be 97%.

      In order to be eligible for incentive-based pay a Pro must meet the following percentages:

      • Paint: 98%
      • Clean: 98%
      • Carpet: 100%
      • Maintenance: 98%
      • Resurfacing: 98%
      • Repair: 98%


      *Quality ratings calculate on a day basis for a rolling 90-day period. A Pro can be eligible one day, and not the next.


      Reliability Metrics

      Pros will be measured on their reliability to complete work when scheduled. These metrics will be determined by classification of work orders that have been changed – when we classify a work order as a ‘Pro Callout’ it will be counted against them. A “callout” is anytime that a Pro is scheduled work and they do not complete it (i.e., no call no show, declined work same day, declined work in the future, left mid job, etc.)

      In order for a Pro to be eligible for incentive-based pay, they must not have more than 1 callout every 30 days.

      *Callout calculations are calculated on the 1st of every month.


      Variable Pay Increases Based on Eligibility

      When a Pro becomes eligible for incentive-based pay, all work orders completed while they are eligible will receive an additional pay out based on the total of the work order.

      • Paint: 20% pay increase eligibility
      • Clean: 15% pay increase eligibility
      • Carpet: 5% pay increase eligibility
      • Maintenance: 10% pay increase eligibility
      • Resurfacing: 10% pay increase eligibility
      • Repair: 10% pay increase eligibility


      Where to see if a Pro is eligible for Incentive Based Pay

      • Navigate to Dynamics
      • Navigate to the Pro Record
      • Click on the ‘Feedback and Quality Check’ tab, in the first table,
        1. Quality Rating
        2. Pro Callouts
        3. Eligible for Incentive Pay (y/n)

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