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      Pro Payouts

      Posted by Yoda on Feb 10, 2021 5:09:11 PM



      There are two kinds of payout options for Pros in the system:

      1. Unit-Based Pay - unit based pay is a set payout based on the skillset, market and task. You can review all of the specific payouts on the Unit-Based Pay page.
      2. Variable Task-Based Pay - This provides an additional overall percentage increased payout for high performing Pros and Companies.


      Payroll Line Items

      When a work order gets completed, a payroll line item is generated for the pro. If the following changes are made to the work order BEFORE the pay summary is created (Wednesday at 7am), the payroll line item will get updated automatically. 

      • Floorplan change
      • Amount change of addon
      • Entire room vs single unit change

      Pay Summary

      Once a week on Wednesday, a pay summary is created for the payroll line items completed over the last week. The pay summary includes any work completed by the specific pro with details about amount, date of work, unit, property, etc. This pay summary is visible to the pro on their profile app and can be manually updated until noon on Wednesday.  



      DSAT payout and deduction fee by skillset:

      Skillset Deduction/New Pay Type 1

      Deduction/New Pay Type 2

      Paint < 4 hours: $75 > 4 hours: $125
      Clean Small: $30 Large: $50
      Carpet 100% of original payout  
      Resurface < 4 hours: $50 > 4 hours: $75
      Maintenance 100% of original payout  
      Repair 75% of original payout