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      Recruiting: Skills Assessment

      Posted by Yoda on Jul 12, 2021 9:33:45 AM


      Skills Assessment


      Overview of the Skills Assessment Process


      The goal of the Skills Assessment is to have the candidate do work on an actual unit from a customer which is then evaluated from the PAMto make a determination whether or not that candidate will be onboarded as a professional for the Rent Ready platform. This is the last stage prior to onboarding and the intent is that candidates which have made it to this point have a strong likelihood of being on-boarded fulltime. Typically there is only one(1) skills assessment performed prior to making a final decision, but since not all the work which should be evaluated may be needed for that unit, a second skills assessment may be necessary. Please see below on how to perform a reschedule or schedule a second skills assessment.


      Scheduling the Skills Assessment


      Once the DocuSign has been completed for the candidate, the recruiter can schedule the Skills Assessment. The first step to scheduling the Skills Assessment is identifying the availability of the candidate and the PAM which will evaluate the candidate. Below are steps to schedule the Candidate with a PAM tentatively.


      1. Within the Recruiting app, navigate to the 'Skills Assessment Scheduling' option on the left-hand navigation
      2. This will open a new Microsoft Bookings tab to schedule the Skills Assessment. Start by selecting the market.
      3. Next select the day coordinated with the candidate to schedule the Skills Assessment. Select a PAM and a time.
      4. Fill out the following details in the 'Add your details section':
        1. Name: Name of the Candidate
        2. Email: Email of the Recruiter
        3. Phone Number: Phone Number of the Candidate
        4. Address: Leave this field blank
        5. Notes: Type in any additional notes which may be helpful for the PAM to be aware of


      1. In the 'Provide Additional Information' section select the skillset for the candidate. Once selected click 'Book'
      2. Navigate back to the application within Stella. Click on the tab 'Interviews and Assessments'
      3. Scroll to the section labeled 'Skills Assessment' and fill out the following fields:
        1. Skills Assessment Date and Time: Type in the exact date and time populated in the bookings tool on step three(3)
        2. Skills Assessment Assigned PAM: Select the PAM that was selected during the Microsoft Bookings process
      4. Click 'Save' and then navigate to the Business Process Flow bullseye and then click on the 'Next Stage' button to move to the 'Operations Skills Assessment Assignment' stage



      Note: For emerging markets, it may be helpful to check with Operations to verify that a date will work for testing resources


      Operations Skills Assessment


      When the Recruiter moves from the 'DocuSign, ' scheduling, this will move the application to the 'Operations Skills Assessment' stage. When the application moves into this stage, an email will automatically get sent to the designated Market informing them that there is a new Skills Assessment which needs scheduled. This email will look like the following:


      Operations will take the information provided for the skills assessment (including the name of the candidate, the skillsets and the date and time) and then schedule the candidate against a Work Order.


      After the Operations staffer has scheduled the Skills Assessment, (s)he will use the link in the email shown above to populate the Skills Assessment information within Stella. The information which gets populated. The information which the Operations staffer populates can be found on the application within the 'Interviews and Assessments' tab, in the section labeled ' Skills Assessment.' The fields which get populated by the Operations staffer includes:

      Skills Assessment Property: This is a lookup value to the Properties within Dynamics

      Skills Assessment Property Unit: This is the unit number

      Skills Assessment Sub Order ID: This is the unique identifier for the sub-order within Dynamics

      Once the Operations Staffer has finished, (s)he will click 'save'. This will automatically move the record to the 'Skills Assessment' stage.


      Performing a Reschedule within the Operations Skills Assessment Assignment Stage


      Occasionally, even though a date and time will be coordinated within the system, Operations is unable to find a Property requiring service for that particular day. In those scenarios, the Operations individual can trigger a reschedule in the system. Below are the steps to trigger a re-schedule:


      1. Navigate to the Application record within Dynamics 365
      2. Click on the 'Operations Skills Assessment' Business Process Flow bulls-eye stage and then check the box for 'No Available Work Orders During Time' and then click 'Save'
      3. Click on the 'back arrow' in the 'Operations Skills Assessment' stage. This will move the record back to the 'Docusign, RR Account and Skills Assessment Scheduling Stage'
      4. The recruiter will be informed via email that there are no available Properties during that time/Skillset type


      Manual Rejection by the Recruiter During the Operations Skills Assessment Stage


      If a candidate is determined in this stage to not be a good fit for the platform, the recruiter can reject the candidate during this stage. Candidates can be rejected by filling out the following information on the Application entity:


      1. Within the 'Basic Information' tab in the Phone Screen Record within the 'Basic Information' section, the following fields will need to be filled out:
        1. Phone Screen Passed?: No
        2. Candidate Rejection Reason: Select a reason from the drop-down. Depending on the reason, an email may be sent. See the 'Automated Rejection Reasons Emails' section in order to see which reasons send emails and the content of those emails.
      2. Click 'Save' to finish the rejection process. After refreshing, the business process flow will display as read-only. (Note: This can take up to a minute for the rejection process to finish)
      3. Optionally, if the recruiter wants to denote whether or not the recruiter would follow-up, this can be updated by navigating to the Application record and filling out the 'Follow-up Later?' field.


      Note: Rejecting from the Operations Skills Assessment Stage will not automatically send an email to the candidate.


      Approving and Completing the Skills Assessment


      Once the Skills Assessment has been completed and if the PAM decides to Onboard the Pro, the PAMwill navigate to the 'Soft Skills and Overall Assessment Results' page and fill out the following:

      • Skills Assessment Passed?: Yes
      • Overall Score: Any number value from 1-5
      • Overall Notes: Type a brief summary of the skills assessment for reference in the future
      • Onboarding Materials Provided?: Yes
      • Onboarding Learning Materials Provided?: Yes


      Click 'Save' once completed.

      Navigate to the Business Process Flow bullseye and click on the 'Next Stage' button to move the application to the 'Onboarding' stage. D




      Rejecting a Skills Assessment


      If a professional does not pass the Skills Assessment, the PAM will still fill out the evaluation above, (s)he will then mark the 'Skills Assessment Passed?' as 'No'. A 'Rejection Reason' field will then appear which will need to be filled out in order to reject the candidate. It is also strongly advised to populate the 'Overall Notes' area to help indicate a more detailed explanation of why the candidate did not pass.



      Rescheduling or Scheduling a Second Skills Assessment:


      Most Skills Assessments should require only one(1) Skills Assessment, but in certain circumstances Skills Assessments may need to be rescheduled or a second (or third) Skills Assessment needs to be completed.


      To reschedule the Skills Assessment, navigate to the General section at the top of the page and indicate the 'Reschedule Required?' to 'Yes' and add any notes about the reschedule in the 'Reschedule Notes' field. Click on the floppy-disk in the upper-right hand corner of the screen to save the record. This will automatically start the reschedule process for the record.


      When a record is reschedule, it will move the candidate's application from the 'Skills Assessment' stage to the 'Docusign, RR Account and Skills Assessment Schedule' stage. An email will also be sent to the recruiter letting them know that the candidate requires being rescheduled again. The recruiter will repeat the process of scheduling the Skills Assessment and moving to the 'Operations Skills Assessment Assignment' which will trigger an email for the Operations team to schedule a unit to the candidate again.


      Pro Tip: Stella does not create multiple Skills Assessments if a second or third Skills Assessment is scheduled. Best practice is edit the original Skills Assessment once it has been scheduled and provide an 'average' score of the Skills Assessment. Stella will track the number of times a record is rescheduled in the system.


      Make sure after populating the reason to click the 'Save' icon in the upper-right hand corner of the page to make sure that the rejection takes effect.



      Lastly, since the Pro will not be onboarded, you will want to Clockout on behalf of the Candidate by using the same Typeform link and selecting the 'Clockout' option.



      The PAM should not directly tell the Candidate that (s)he did not pass. Instead, it is best practice to indicate to the Candidate that the Recruiter will reach out within a few days to let the professional know next steps.


      Once you have completed these steps, you will want to inform the recruiter that the candidate has been rejected in order for the recruiter to be able to call the Candidate to let them know that (s)he will not be onboarded.




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