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      Schedule Board Map Overview

      Posted by Jack on Oct 22, 2021 3:03:57 PM



      Introduction to Schedule Board Map Functionality:

      The schedule board is used primarily as a way to see at a glance the status of work scheduled for a particular day. In addition to seeing the overall status, Operations team members can also utilize the out-of-the-box map functionality to see visually the location of work and distance.

      Using the Schedule Board Map to see Locations of Resources, Work and Unscheduled Work

      The schedule board map view can be used to see at a glance where resources are located, where their work is located and where unscheduled work is located.

      Accessing the Map View

      To access the map view, navigate to the schedule board and select 'Map View' on the left-hand side of the screen

      Filter Мар View 

      Filtering Options on the  Schedule Board

      There are a variety of filtering options available on the schedule board which include the following:

      By Date:

      Clicking on the Calendar date within the filter view will allow you to change the information displayed. By default the date will assume today's date.

      Filter & Map View 
Filter Map View 


      By Resource:

      There are two ways we can filter by Pros in the system. These options include:

      Using Filter Tab

      On the filter tab, we can use any of the parameters to filter down a list if multiple resources.  For example, we can filter by any of the following parameters:

      • Territory
      • Market
      • Skillset
      • Pro Status

      Once selected, click 'Search' once done and then click on the 'Map View' again.

      This functionality works well if needing to review multiple Pros of the same skillset to see which Pro may be available and located near an unscheduled Work Order

      Searching for Individual Resources

      In addition to filtering on multiple Pros at once, we can filter down to a specific Pro using the search bar to filter to a specific pro to see that Pros route (based on the date filtered).


      Show/Hide Options

      There several options available for show/hide. Configuration and filter options which are available include:

      • Ability to toggle on and off traffic
      • Ability to show and hide unscheduled Work Orders

      Filtering on Unscheduled Work

      In addition to seeing routes for resources, the map view also allows for seeing unscheduled Work Orders. By default, 'All Unscheduled Work Orders' will display on the map. There are several ways to interact with the unscheduled Work Orders.

      • Clicking or Hovering Over a Pin Directly: You can click or hover over a pin directly to see information. Clicking on a pin will display information on the 'Details' pane on the right-hand side of the screen. Hovering over a pin will display a snapshot of the unscheduled work next to the pin
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My Unscheduled Work Today 
All My Unscheduled Work 
All Unscheduled Work 
New Resource Needed 
No Reschedule Date
      • Using the Search Bar to Find an Unscheduled Work:  Users can also use the magnifying glass search icon to search for Work Orders using their Work Order #. Searching for these and clicking 'Add' and then 'Search' will search the map to find the resource. A jumping animation will occur for the Work Orders which are searched to indicate which Work Order is the one being searched.


      • Locating Work Orders by Using the Unscheduled Work Views: Using the Requirement Views at the bottom of the screen, if a user selects a row, while having the map tab visible, this will also identify the unscheduled work by performing a jumping animation.


      Obtaining Pros Driving Route for the Day:

      In addition to having a simple visual indicate locations of Pros and work, users can also see driving directions and distance for a Pro for an entire day. Below are steps which can be performed:

      1. To begin, navigate to the schedule board and click on a Pro
      2. Next, click 'Actions' --> 'Get Driving Directions'
      3. Navigate to 'Date' and select the date start and end (Tip: Make sure the start and end are on the same day)
      4. This will then show directions for the Pro from their home, to their Work Order(s) and back to their home




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