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      Schedule from the Schedule Board

      Posted by Yoda on Oct 16, 2020 12:39:36 PM



      Click here for a video demo of scheduling from the schedule board


      To schedule from the schedule board, the PSM will use the following steps:

      1. Create the Job Profile and the work orders so the overall status is “Open-Unscheduled”
      2. Navigate to the schedule board from the Operations menu on the left side of the screen
      3. Use the view entitled “My Unscheduled Work Today” (or “All My Unscheduled Work” if this JP was not created today) to see the work orders that are unscheduled for this unit
      4. Use the filters on the schedule board to find pros in the correct territory and skillset (You can also search for the pros name in the search bar if you know who you would like to assign it to) 
      5. Change the date accordingly to the date of service by selecting the calendar from the top of the schedule board and clicking on the appropriate date
      6. Once the date and pro and filtered to the view on the schedule board, select the work order from the view below and drag and drop it accordingly
      7. Once in place, the work order on the schedule board should change to grey
      8. When looking back at the JP, you will see the status of that specific WO should now be “Open – Scheduled”
      9. Repeat these steps for each WO on the schedule board until all WO’s are scheduled and the overall system status is set to “Open – Scheduled”


      Schedule Board Restrictions:

      • Restricted Pro – If you have marked a Pro as restricted for a property and try to schedule that Pro to that Property, you’ll get an error saying it’s restricted and you will not be able to schedule that Pro to that property.
      • MaxCap – if MaxCap is exceeded with that work order, it will not allow them to schedule additional work to that Pro

      Topics: Operations, Job Profile