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      Setting Up A Portal Customer

      Posted by Yoda on Jan 6, 2022 8:18:44 PM


      Before Onboard

      Day of Onboard

      Common Troubleshooting


      To Do Before Day of Onboard

      1. On the customer account page
        • Check the following on the Service Profile tab
          • Turn profile has ALL services 
          • Addon Approval Method: Customer Performs Approval
          • Backup Notification Phone Number: mobile phone number for main approver
                    Format: +1XXXXXXXXXX
          • Main Customer Approver: contact who will receive notifications
        • Check the pricing configuration and master pricelist contain data (on Administration tab) 
        • Set “activate portal access” to yes
        • Add your contact to the “All Contacts” subgrid
        • Create preferences for pros on the property page in Stella
      2. On each contact who wants portal access (+ your contact)
        • Make sure they have “main property” as the correct property we are onboarding (or the management company if linked to multiple)
        • Copy their email and go to the “details” tab
        • Paste their email under portal access area in the portal email field
        • Change “portal access” to yes
        • Save the record
        • Wait for the portal reset to populate
        • Then save and close contact record 
          **You can send the password reset at this time if you want 



      3. Login to portal to check the following
        • Setup Services tab
          • Checking that the services are correct and in the right order for the right vendors (ie Rent Ready, In-House, Other Vendor)
        • Floorplans + Pricelist
          • Checking the floorplans are all listed correctly
          • Checking the pricelist is showing the standard services + addons
          • Checking the price of standard services is showing correctly
        • Start creating a turn to make sure services/addons are showing – DO NOT SAVE TURN

      Day of Onboard (usually about 30 minutes before)

      • Open each contact record and select “trigger password reset” on the details tab
      • Make sure you are still associated to the property and login to portal to have it ready to share


      Common Troubleshooting Steps

      1. Floorplans or Addons Not Showing
        1. Check the pricelist is created for the account on the administration tab
        2. Set account status to current
        3. Deactivate then reactivate portal access on the account
      2. Password Reset Issue
        1. Check the email on the contact record is correct
        2. Ask customer to check their junk/spam folder
        3. Ask customer if management company needs to approve the email sender
        4. Deactivate then reactivate their access on the contact and trigger a password reset again
      3. Error warning at the top of the portal page
        1. Reach out to Tech






      Topics: SalesHub, Opportunity, Customer Onboard