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      Setting Up Service Profile

      Posted by Michael Scott on Apr 16, 2021 11:24:48 AM
      Michael Scott


      Purpose: Setting up the service profile for each customer to match their turn needs to ease with scheduling and portal usage

      Initial Setup of Service Profile: Opportunity

      'Portal Setup' will be conducted for net new customers and should have information input before or during the Customer Onboard stage of the Opportunity flow. The reason this is required prior to moving the Opportunity to Launch is because when we launch the customer portal, this information is needed before any automatic scheduling can be completed in the portal. 

      Example: the system needs to know what the customers turn profile is and which Pros are their primary pros to complete work in order to look at dates and availability to schedule work.

      Turn Profile Setup

      1. Navigate to the Opportunity
      2. Select 'Portal Setup' tab
      3. All Rent Ready services will automatically be enabled in the future
        1. To revise services - select the line item and select 'edit'
        2. To add a new service, Select 'New Turn Profile' to add services
          1. Fill in:
            1. Order - what step is this in their turn process? 1, 2, 3, etc.?
            2. Enabled (will always be yes)
            3. Service - The Service type
            4. Service Performed by: On the customer portal, customer will have the option to utilize the Rent Ready digital make ready board to manage all services, whether provided by Rent Ready or not.

      Once you save, the turn profile will be transferred over to the Account record to assist in scheduling Job Profiles.

      Pro Matches

      This is where the PSM and SQM partner to determine best matches for that property and assign them

      Customer Account Setup

      This is where you give access to the onsite staff to the portal

      Reviewing/Adjusting Service Profile of Existing Customers

      1. Navigate to the Property Page
      2. Select 'Service Profile' tab
      3. To revise services - select the line item and select 'edit'