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      Time Off Requests - Submitting and Removing Requests

      Posted by Jack on Nov 6, 2020 4:17:18 PM


      This article will walk through the steps to take to both submit a time request and steps to remove time off requests for Pros.

      Submitting Time Off Requests
      Removing Time Off Requests


      Submitting Time Off Requests

      When you need to submit a new time off request on behalf of a Pro, follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to the 'Time Off Request' section on the lefthand menu bar from the Operations module
      2. Select the 'New' option from the top menu bar
      3. Search for the Resource (the Pro) and the timeframe (single day or multiple days)
        1. Single Days - fill in the date and if it's full day or AM/PM
        2. Multiple Days - fill in start date and end date
      4. Save & Close the record


      Removing Time Off Requests

      Once a time off request is submitted by the Pro, the Pro can not remove that request from their App, they will have to reach out to their PSM and the PSM will have to manually remove the time off request


      1. Navigate to the 'Pros' section under 'Pros & Properties' in the lefthand menu
      2. Search for the Pro that you need to adjust
      3. Open up the Pro record
      4. Navigate to the 'Work Hours, Availability & Capacity' tab
      5. There are two steps to delete a time entry
        1. Delete the Time Entry
          1. Select the time off entry to delete
          2. Select the Delete Time Entry 
        1. Delete Time Off Record
          1. Navigate one section down to the Work Hours Calendar
          2. Find the date you need to remove (it will be the orange) and click it - do not delete a blue box
          3. Select 'Delete'
          4. Select 'OK'
          5. That day will now turn back to blue to indicate the Pro is available and working that day