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      Virtual Quality Check

      Posted by Jack on Jan 19, 2022 3:55:41 PM



      Overview of Virtual Quality Management Process

      In an effort to better scale the amount of units which are quality checked, the goal of this documentation is to review the virtual quality check process. 

      Sections in this document include:

      • Vendor Managers - first time setup instructions
      • Pro Experience - first time setup instructions
      • End-to-end virtual Quality Check experience

        Vendor Managers - first time setup instructions

      High-level instructions include the following:

      1. Creation of a Zoom account
      2. Adjusting Zoom settings for use

        Creation of a Zoom account

      1. Navigate to and click 'Sign up, It's Free' at the top right-hand corner of the page
      2. Type in your birthday. Click continue. 
      3. Type in your Rent Ready email address and click 'Sign up'
      4. After clicking 'Sign up' the page should indicate there is an activation email. Check your Rent Ready email and click the 'Activate Account' button
      5. Clicking on the link will navigate you to a new page. Fill out the following:
        1. First name
        2. Last Name
        3. Password
      6. Click 'Continue'
      7. Click 'I'm not a robot' and then click 'Skip this step'
      8. Click go to my account 
      9. In the upper-right hand, click on 'Resources' and then click 'Download Zoom Client'
      10. Choose the 'Zoom Client for Meetings' and click 'Download'

      Adjusting Zoom settings for use

      1. Open the Zoom client app
      2. Select the 'New Meeting' and select 'Use my Personal Meeting ID'
      3. Next to the meeting number choose 'PMI Settings'
      4. Select the following information:
        1. Choose Host Video: Off
        2. Participant Video: On
        3. Under Advanced Settings
          1. Check 'Allow participants to join anytime'
          2. Check 'Automatically record meeting on the local computer'
        4. Click "Save'
      5. Choose 'Copy Invitation' and save it in a readily available location. This will be re-used for all meetings so save this in a location you can re-copy it over and over. 
      1. Click on the settings gear in the upper-right hand corner
      2. Click on 'Recording'
      3. Under 'Store my recording at' select 'Change'
      4. Navigate to Rent Ready One-Drive and create a folder called 'QC Recordings' Choose that folder. 
      5. Click 'OK'

      Pro Experience - first time setup instructions

      The first time a Pro needs to perform a Quality Check the Pro will be required to install Zoom on their phone (if not already installed). They will not be required to create a Zoom account though. Once Zoom is installed on their phone they will not need to repeat this step in the future. 

      End-to-end Virtual Quality Check experience. 

      Speed is important to ensure that the Pro is still onsite. Below is a summary of the steps performed for a virtual quality check:

      1. Automated clock-out notification occurs
      2. Claim the booking
      3. Join the Zoom call (if not already on)
      4. Call the Pro and send the link
      5. Navigate to the Booking via the link
      6. Create a quality check record
      7. Add the recording link to the Quality Check record
      Viewing the completed bookings today view

      Automated clock-out notification occurs



      1. Under the newly created 'Rent Ready Teams; there is a new Channel called 'Vendor Managers.' This view will store any bookings clocked out by a Pro. 
      2. When a Pro clocks out an automated message will appear which has the following information populated:
        This happens almost immediately within the system. 

      Claim the booking

      1. Once the booking appears, vendor managers will 'Claim' it by replying to the message:

      Join the Zoom call (if not already on)

      1. Navigate to the Zoom client and click 'New Meeting' and join via audio. 

      Call the Pro and send the link

      1. Navigate to Dialpad and call the Pro. 
      2. Send via text on Dialpad the Zoom link and instruct for the pro to open use the link to open the meeting
      3. Have the Pro turn on video to begin the Quality Check

      Navigate to the Booking via the link

      1. Back in teams click on the link 'Click here to navigate to booking!' This will open the booking in Stella
      2. Navigate to the Timeline and click the '+'
      3. Choose 'Quality Check'

      Perform the Quality Check

      1. Fill out the Quality Check information including:
        1. Walked Unit - With Pro
        2. Quality Score - choose based on assessment (1-5)
        3. Checked by Property - select if property is present during check
      2. Once completed with the quality check, do not close the form yet. Move to the next step to wrap up the recording details. 

      See How to Conduct a Quality Check for details of how to perform the quality check with the pro.

      Add the recording link to the Quality Check record

      1. Once the Quality Check has been completed
      2. Click on the 'End' button in Zoom and choose 'End Meeting for All'
      3. This will re-direct to a file directory where the recording is stored 
      4. Right-click on the recording and then select 'Ondrive' then 'Share'
      5. Choose 'Copy Link' (make sure the option 'Anyone with the link can edit' is selected
      6. Paste the URL in the Quality Check quick create and then click 'Save and Close' to finish


      Viewing the 'Quality Manager Vendor Check'

      From the Operations app, we can see any Bookings which have not been evaluated yet by accessing this link.